15 alstroemeria in white paper

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  • 15 alstroemerias in white paper

15 alstroemerias in white paper

  • 135.00 BYN

We offer to buy a bouquet of alstroemeria in a white package

Fresh flowers help to demonstrate the attention for any woman. A lush, elegant and persistent bouquet of alstroemeria consists of 15 selected branches. They are packed in white multilayered paper. A satin ribbon emphasizes the smooth transition of floral tones from white to rich burgundy.

You can buy a bouquet of the alstroemeria in Minsk at the specified price online or visit a point of sale on Rokossovsky pr., 78. We also organized round-the-clock delivery in the city and outside it.

Why do our customers choose us? The main reasons:

  • Only fresh flowers are on sale.
  • Guarantee of the fast delivery 24/7.
  • The bouquets are made by florists-designers.
  • Polite couriers.
  • Payment by cash, credit card or through the Webpay system.

These flowers became very popular. Our customers buy them for different important events. For example, many brides prefer wedding bouquets from alstroemerias.

These flowers do not lose its freshness and beauty for a long time. A great number of colors of flowers and many variants of packaging allows making the bouquet that is suitable for wedding of any design and style. You can buy an elegant bouquet of the alstroemeria with delivery or pickup at Flowers4you.

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