Bouquets of alstroemerias

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Bouquets of alstroemerias

 35 alstroemeria

35 alstroemeria

165.00 BYN

 Bouquet "Golden Autumn"
15 alstroemerias in white paper
Bouquet "Spring"

Bouquet "Spring"

85.00 BYN

9 alstroemerias

9 alstroemerias

50.00 BYN

25 alstroemerias

25 alstroemerias

130.00 BYN

Bouquet " Sunny day"
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Where can you buy a bouquet of alstroemerias in Minsk? In our shop!

Fresh flowers have long ceased to be a symbolic gift. Prices for bouquets are constantly growing, especially at the pre-holidays and holidays. But it is not about us! You can buy a bouquet of alstroemerias by good prices in our e-store. You also can order delivery in Minsk and beyond.

Why do buyers choose our store?

  • You can order your favorite bouquet of the alstroemeria very quickly.
  • A quick order is available on the website from 9am to 12pm.
  • Flower’s delivery is carried out by courier 24/7 seven days a week.
  • We organize periodic promotions and have bonuses for regular customers.
  • You can pay by Webpay, cash or credit card. 
  • We sell only fresh flowers of the alstroemeria.
  • We make designer bouquets.
  • Pickup is available from our retail shop.

The alstroemeria is wonderful in a bouquet. The composition of nine branches already looks impressive and elegant. The flower is bright and self-sufficient. The inner petals have tiger pattern and specks. If you need flowers that have long admired its beauty, a bouquet of the alstroemeria is an ideal variant. It has high resistance and can stand in a vase about three weeks.

It is noteworthy that the flowers have not strong smell. So you can put the bouquet in children's rooms and give it to people with increased allergic reactions. You may give enjoy your sweetheart to the luxurious bouquets of the alstroemeria from the internet shop Flowers4you! It is not necessary to find the reason for such pleasant moments.