Bouquets of chrysanthemums

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Bouquets of chrysanthemums

 21 white chrysanthemums
 51 spray chrysanthemum
 7 pink chrysanthemums per pack
 Bouquet "Bright"

Bouquet "Bright"

190.00 BYN

 Bouquet "Jamaica"
 Bouquet "Night"

Bouquet "Night"

160.00 BYN

11 white chrysanthemums
51 spray chrysanthemums mix
Bouquet "Antonov"

Bouquet "Antonov"

80.00 BYN

Bouquet "Idyll"

Bouquet "Idyll"

162.00 BYN

Bouquet "Orange Juice"
5 white chrysanthemums
Bouquet "El trusko"

Bouquet "El trusko"

145.00 BYN

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Lovely bouquet of chrysanthemums: buy in Minsk

Chrysanthemums symbolize the sun. Their bright center and large petals make any flower composition elegant and attractive. If you want to buy chrysanthemums in Minsk for someone from relatives, friends or colleagues, call our managers on the shot number 7657 or leave an online application on the site.

Evaluate the advantages of our online store:

  • big selection of plants of good quality;
  • fast taking orders;
  • original packaging;
  • delivery to any district of Minsk and outside the city;
  • possibility to pay for the purchase in Webpay system.

Use the button «Add to cart» near the image of the bouquet to order chrysanthemums on the Internet or push the button «Quick order». Enter your phone number in a special field, and our managers will call you back soon. You can buy a bouquet of chrysanthemums for woman or man. This flower from the family of the Asters has been associated with power and longevity since ancient times.

Chrysanthemums have become one of the symbols of the emperor in the East because of their beauty and long flowering. Usually there are several inflorescence of chrysanthemums on the long stem. It is enough to take from five to seven branches of these flowers for a volume bouquet. But the gift looks richer when there are a lot of them. A beautiful bouquet of fresh chrysanthemums will bring good luck and good mood.