Bouquets of peonies

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Bouquets of peonies

 Bouquet "Sarah Bernhardt"
15 raspberry peonies per pack
Bouquet "Sarah Bernhardt 2"
Bouquet "Sarah Bernhardt 3"
Box "Raspberry Peony"
15 white peonies

15 white peonies

270.00 BYN

25 white peonies

25 white peonies

300.00 BYN

Bouquet " Pink hydrangea"
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Do you want to buy a bouquet of peonies with delivery in Minsk?

Have not time to go to the flower shops and choose the best bouquet? Order flowers online! Flowers4you presents a wide range of the most impressive flowers – peonies. Lush and air buds attract attention, and a gentle smell will bring a good mood.

Buy a bouquet of peonies on the website Flowers4you with delivery. Why are the flowers so beautiful? We select the best peonies, collect them in a bouquet and transport it to the addressee. The appearance of plants is one of the main parts of the composition. If the flowers are stale, they will lose their attraction at the next day.

It is important to us to hear what our customer will say about flowers, so we have only fresh bouquets of peonies on sale. They are perfect for every event, for holiday, significant date or typical day.

Why should you buy peonies on our site:

  • it is possible to order delivery or make an anonymous congratulation;
  • decoration of bouquets by florists or at your request;
  • acceptable price for peonies in Minsk;
  • polite staff;
  • regular purchases are encouraged by discounts.

We do not close at 9pm. The site accepts applications until 12pm, and delivery of bouquets is carried out daily 24/7.

We always care about our customers!