7 raspberry peonies

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  • 7 pink peonies

7 pink peonies

  • 126.00 BYN

Do you want to buy a bouquet of peonies with delivery in Minsk

Have you ever received stale flowers? Were you upset if the presented bouquet began to lose its appeal the next day? That will not happen with our flowers. We bring only fresh plants that will please with resistance for a long time. It is possible to buy a bouquet of peonies in Minsk by acceptable  price in our shop or online on the website.

Why do customers become permanent after ordering flowers once at us?

  • Flexible system of discounts and regular promotions.
  • There is excellent quality of bouquets and their resistance.
  • Possibility to order flowers online.
  • Flowers are delivery in Minsk and out of the city.
  • Wide range of plants.
  • There is ability to create your own bouquet.

If you do not take care of flowers, even the best peonies will not stand long in a vase. They do not require special attention. It is enough standard procedures that prolong the life of cut flowers.

It is desirable that the vase will be opaque or dark. Water stays longer fresh at that. Flowers will get more moisture if you cut the stems of the peonies to the maximum possible slope.

It is necessary to remove all the leaves from the part of the stem which is located in the water so that they do not rot. Put the bouquet in a room with diffused light and moderate temperature. Change the water regularly and trim the stems of the plants. It is need only five minutes a day so that a bouquet of pink peonies will delight you for several weeks.  

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