Bouquet of 15 peonies "Mix"

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  • Bouquet from 25 peonies "Mix"

Bouquet from 25 peonies "Mix"

  • 400.00 BYN

We offer to buy a bouquet of peonies with delivery in Minsk

Some people consider that flowers are useless gift because it will wither in some days and you should throw it away. However, on the other view, how can it be called useless? Flowers cause sincere joy, make you feel a special, loved and needed? If you buy a bouquet of peonies and present it to a dear person, this act is unlikely to remain without attention. These flowers carry the energy of wealth and luxury, as they are considered Imperial flowers.

Prices for peonies in Minsk are different and the final cost of the bouquet depends on:

  • number of flowers in the composition;
  • materials of the package;
  • actions of promo and loyalty programs.

You can quickly buy peonies and order delivery or pick them up youself in the shop. If you want to congratulate a dear person or just do something enjoyable, we offer to buy a bouquet of peonies on Flowers4you.

We accept online orders until 12 pm and deliver flowers round-the-clock. It is possible to delivery bouquets incognito for the brightest surprises.

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