Bouquet "Peonys happiness"

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Bouquet "Peonys happiness"

  • 150.00 BYN

You can buy a bouquet of peonies with delivery 24/7 in Minsk online

The traditional methods of service are gradually going to the background. They are replaced by orders on the Internet, payment cards or online, fast and round-the-clock delivery to the right address. For the modern man, such service stores save time. You can buy a bouquet of peonies with round-the-clock delivery in Minsk online. The number of regular customers is on our website.

Why do customers order flowers in our store?

  • We try to please every customer.
  • We select the best flowers and turn them into luxurious compositions.
  • We sell bouquets of fresh flowers.
  • The main beauty is in the freshness of the bouquet.

We have periodic discount programs. Regular customers are waiting for nice prices for fresh flowers, and new visitors can buy bouquets for holiday or seasonal promotions successfully.

Do you want to give a memorable bouquet to friends for a wedding or you are waiting for another significant event? The original composition "Peony’s happiness" will be the best choice for a gift.  

Basis: peony (1 unit)
Additionally: rose pion-shaped Kahala (1 unit), bush Magic Flow (1 unit), limonium (1 unit), Hydrangea Papillon (1 unit)
Packaging: pink tishiu and dark matt

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