Basket of 25 red roses

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  • Basket of 25 red roses

Basket of 25 red roses

  • 280.00 BYN

You can buy a bouquet of red roses in a basket in Minsk

Is a significant date approaching, and you are still without a gift? Fresh flowers are perfect variant for congratulations. Any holiday will be brighter if you buy 25 red roses in a flower basket. It is suitable for wedding, anniversary or the Valentine's Day.

The basket combines classics and originality. It will be a great gift for both women and men. Our customers like the bouquet of flowers in the basket for universality. It keeps durability for a long time and requires a minimum of care.

You do not need to change the water regularly and trim the stems. It is enough to water the flower basket as moisture evaporates. Please, note that the water should not fall on the delicate petals of roses.

Why should you choose to buy flowers from Flowers4you?

  • Optimal prices for flowers in Minsk.
  • It is high speed and quality of service.
  • There is the ability to make an order online.
  • Service of flower’s delivery is round-the-clock.
  • Various payment methods are at the shop including online payments Webpay.
  • There are beautiful and fresh flowers for every event.

You need to decide to buy red roses in a basket or to order a regular bouquet. Fresh flowers will be a wonderful gift. 

Basis: 25 red roses
Packaging: white basket

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