Compositions in the envelopes

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Compositions in envelopes

Envelope "Fiery"

Envelope "Fiery"

35.00 BYN

Envelope "Lighness"
Envelope " Romance"
Envelope "Lily"

Envelope "Lily"

35.00 BYN

Envelope "Astilba"

Envelope "Astilba"

35.00 BYN

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We offer to buy the composition of flowers in Minsk with 24/7 delivery

Our florist’s imagination is limitless, they put into effect the original ideas seven days a week. Online-shop Flower4you is pleased to bring you composition of flowers in the form of envelope. You can order such a little gift for reasonable price on our website.

The flowers in a wooden box are absolutely universal and compact present that don’t demand the reason and can cheer you up on the most ordinary day. The wooden envelope’ll save the shape and presentable appearance of bouquet for a long period of time. Subsequently, it can be used as a casket.

This composition can be made of different flowers. If you want to observe the process of creating a bouquet, you should drive up to the flowers shop at address: Minsk, Rokossovsky st., 78. And you’ll see how masterpieces are created.

How can you make an order on the website

  • Call by short number 7657.
  • Order flowers online until 12 pm.
  • Write to one of the social networking sites: VK, Instagram, Facebook.

The composition of flowers has become fashionable not so long ago, but every day the shop Flower4you receives more and more applications for creating bouquet in an envelope.