Envelope " Fire"

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  • Envelope "Fiery"

Envelope "Fiery"

  • 40.00 BYN

Are you looking for flowers in an envelope? The shop Flower4you will help you!

Do you always think how to surprise the recipient while choosing gifts? A box in form of an envelope will delight any addressee. An online shop Flowers4you offers you to buy flowers in envelope for reasonable prices.

Our couriers will deliver the flowers at any time. The original bouquet in an envelope can convey your emotions! A small wooden envelope is collected exclusively with flowers of red shades that will show your passion and sensuality. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner, anniversary or another event.

The bouquet «Fiery» by Flowers4you is consist of:

  • red rose;
  • bush red rose;
  • hypericum;
  • chrysanthemum;
  • peony;
  • greenery.

You can order such unique composition in one click on the site Flowers4you. You can find dozens of flower promotions on our site. Even more, we present lots of bonuses and surprises for our regular customers.

One more advantage of our online-shop is a convenient pay system. It’s possible to pay not only by cash, but also by credit card or Webpay. VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro with CVC-code, Electron and BELCARD are accepted too.

Basis: red rose
Additionally: hypericum red, shrubby red rose, white peony, white chrysanthemum bacardi, greens
Packaging: natural chipboard envelope

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