Lavender in a bucket

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  • Lavender in a bucket

Lavender in a bucket

  • 20.00 BYN

We offer to buy a lavender in Minsk

It is easy to recognize this popular plant due to its delicate purple inflorescence and wonderful smell. It is convenient to grow it on the street or at home, in a pot or decorative bucket. If you want to buy lavender in Minsk, order it in our online store.

Flowers4you will please you:

  • reasonable prices;
  • fast taking orders (it is accepted every day from 9:00 to 24:00);
  • courteous and attentive attitude; 
  • convenient delivery (the flower will be delivered to you at any day of the week including weekends);
  • interesting promotions for the holidays.

If you order lavender, you will appreciate its beauty and healing properties. The smell of the flower calms down and makes the mood better, improves the body's condition when you have headaches or cold.

Lavender in a pot or basket will be an important element of the interior, especially classic or in the style of «Provence». It will add a little tenderness and romanticism to any holiday. You can buy lavender for yourself or as a gift. Push the button near the image of flower and leave application or call our managers on the short number 7657.

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