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 Bacardi Chrysanthemum Burgundy
 Bacardi Chrysanthemum Lilac
 Chrysanthemum Bacardi Bubble Gum
 Chrysanthemum Stalion
 White Chrysanthemum Bacardi
Bacardi Chrysanthemum Orange
Chrysanthemum "Feeling green"
Chrysanthemum green
Zembla Chrysanthemum White
Chrysanthemum white
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We offer to buy сhrysanthemums with round-the-clock delivery in Minsk

You can buy chrysanthemums with round-the-clock delivery in Minsk in our online store. A chrysanthemum is one of the most popular flowers. There are about 10 000 sorts and great number of colors of them.

Florists can use suitable variant for different bouquets. It is possible to combine сhrysanthemums with gerberas, roses and carnations. They look simple, but are used in original compositions.

Chrysanthemums of any tone look wonderful. You can choose several colors of them for the bouquet.

One of the advantages of chrysanthemum is longevity. If you observe the rules of care, the flowers will be fresh and beautiful for up to three weeks.

You need to change the water at least once in two days, trim the stems and remove all the leaves that touch the water in the vase. Chrysanthemums should stand in a cool place. Direct rays have a bad effect on flowers.

If you want to buy chrysanthemums with delivery in Minsk, take an order on our website or call our managers. They will be glad to help you.