Eustoma lavender

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  • Eustoma lavender

Eustoma lavender

  • 10.00 BYN

You can buy lavender eustoma in Minsk with delivery

Flowers of the eustoma are similar to roses, and terry petals of blossoming bud similar to the poppy. You can buy the lavender eustoma with round-the-clock delivery in Minsk at the internet shop Flowers4you.

The eustoma has a second name. It is the lisianthus. The florist will make an interesting mono bouquets of eustoma using combinations of different tones. If you choose only one tone of flowers, the bouquet will remain harmonious and attractive. Several buds on one branch can open at different times. So that creates the effect of a fashionable disheveled bouquet.

The lavender eustoma will help to express the respect for success and luxury. And external simple beauty of the lisianthus will show that there is no hidden envy to wealth. You can buy the lavender eustoma to your boss or to a person with a high social level. The ruggedness and stability of the eustoma allows to keep their youthful appearance about two weeks.

The eustoma is suitable for congratulations on any occasion. It can be a birthday of a friend or relatives, a professional holiday or a first date. Wonderful and delicate flowers will give warm emotions to all around. You can buy the lavender eustoma with round-the-clock delivery in Minsk. Call us or order flowers on the website.

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