Crimson roses

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Crimson roses

Rose Gotcha

Rose Gotcha

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7 crimson shrub roses
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11 pink shrub roses

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You can buy crimson roses with round-the-clock delivery in Minsk

Professional florists will help to determine the number and tone of roses to most accurately express emotions by a bouquet. The crimson rose is one of the traditional flowers for a gift among roses. They belong to a group of pink roses. And they mean courtesy, admiration, politeness, embarrassment.

Crimson roses have bright color of petals and will be able to convey gratitude. Such roses can be bought by a colleague, sister and other relatives to mark respect without a hint of hidden feelings. In addition, crimson roses are acceptable to give to men.

Crimson roses do not need to be framed in other flowers. And they look good on their own, enough of their own green leaves. If desired, crimson roses can be combined with elegant irises. Unfortunately, roses cannot boast of long flowering after the cut.

Therefore, it is recommended to immediately lower the roses in a vase to prolong the life of flowers. Also, it is needed to cut the lower part of the stem under water. A vase of crimson roses is kept farther away from drafts and hot air. You can choose and buy crimson roses with delivery in Minsk in our internet store on the website or call our managers.