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 Bunny - 60 cm

Bunny - 60 cm

45.00 BYN

 Eliza Bear

Eliza Bear

35.00 BYN

 Greeting card "Flowers"
 Greeting card "for you"
 Hedgehog Zahar 30 cm
 Nikon Bear 2

Nikon Bear 2

34.00 BYN

 Postcard "Congratulations"
 Postcard "Gorky"
 Postcard "Happy Birthday" 1
 Postcard "Happy Birthday" 2
 Postcard "Happy Birthday" 3
 Postcard "Happy Birthday" 4
 Postcard "Love"
 Postcard "Mom, I love you"
 Postcard "The best mommy"
 Postcard envelope "Happiness"
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You can buy postcards and helium balloons in Minsk online

Do you know why postcards have not lost their relevance? We perpetuate our words, feelings and emotions by them. And today, thanks to the Internet, you can write a message to anywhere in the world, postcards are bought for the opportunity to save and remind about the wishes. A card is a tangible thing. A subject becomes more valuable that we hold in our hands than just greeting messages in social network.

St. Valentine's Day cannot do without small cards-hearts, which are written in secret messages. And the wedding invitation becomes more official if you give a card, and not to report the celebration out loud. You can buy postcards in Minsk on the Internet shop Flowers4you. You can also buy helium balloons in Minsk on our website.

The range of online store includes:

  • latex balls in the form of hearts of different colors;
  • foil balls;
  • ordinary colored balls.

You have five reasons to choose Flowers4you:

  • The best prices in Minsk for the flowers, cards and balloons.
  • We have flexible system of discounts and regular special offers.
  • We accept online applications until 12 pm.
  • It is multiple payment options.
  • There are high quality materials and professional execution of orders.

You can collect a full gift without leaving home with us. A timeless classic for warm greetings is to buy a bouquet of flowers, a handmade card and balloons. And do not forget that we have a 24-hour delivery in Minsk and its suburb.