Wooden box "Red & White"

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  • Wooden box "Red & White"

Wooden box "Red & White"

  • 145.00 BYN

A stylish bouquet in the wooden box: buy with delivery in Minsk!

Our calendar is full of reasons for buying an original gift. It’s a good tradition for giving flowers as a gift, that has been continuing since ancient times. Composition, packaging and floral arrangements are always changed. But bouquet of flowers – still an actual present.

Today, the bouquet in a wooden box is in a high demand. Fashion of natural compositions in boxes inspired «Flowers4you»’s florists to create the bouquet «Red & White».

5 reasons for buying in «Flower4you»:

  • a gorgeous range of holiday promotions and sales;
  • 24/7 delivery in Minsk and out of the city;
  • ordering flowers till 12pm by phone;
  • open 7 days a week;
  • convenient location for pick up.

The said composition of flowers is made in a warm color scheme and it’s ideal for presenting in a cold season. Both the sated colors of a vinous ilex and the cymbidium create the impression of a warm fire.

The box is made from special wood, It helps keep the flowers form and prolong them life. A stylish bouquet in the wooden box is a proven way to express your feelings, raise your mood and show your respect to addressee.

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