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Multi-layer packaging


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Do you want to buy paper for packing flowers in Minsk?

The Flowers4you does not only make bouquets, but also offers to buy paper for packing flowers in Minsk. Any gift will look more significant if it is supplemented with design paper.

Why do customers prefer Flowers4you? 

  • We work seven days a week, even at weekends.
  • There is cash and non-cash payment.
  • Regular customers are offered a flexible system of discounts.

If you consider that the best gifts are handmade gifts, we offer three types of paper to pack your own bouquet:

  • multi-layer packaging (design paper and paper tissue);
  • craft;
  • cellophane.

It is possible to create a more lush and distinguished bouquet with a multi-layer, thick paper. It can also be used as a packaging for a box with a present. And paper tissue is added inside. So, it will be very stylish. Wrapping craft paper is a universal solution for any gift. It is dense and it is pleasant to hold in hands.

Cellophane is universal and suitable not only for bouquet decoration, but also for gifts with a difficult and peculiar structure. If you want to bring your idea to life, you can order a beautiful packaging for flowers or gifts at the website Flowers4you. If you need a design idea, please contact with our experts who are always ready to help.